love me tenderly
So much satisfaction
I want you
baby I just melt away
More and more
Underneath the stars
let me have my way
I can’t get enough
Just take me
you’re the one
as good as it gets
I’m crying
Let it wash all over me
Crazy about you
I let my mind roam
it hurts me every time
I need you desperately
Every little second
my body cries
Till my lipstick
my life flashes before my eyes
Have you ever seen a grown man cry
tryna fight it
give yourself to me
Honey it’s true
Catch me
want me for me
I’mma pick your poison
fits me like a glove
how much will you pay
we can let it show
When you touch me
wish on stars
you can love someone
you make me innocent
Do you think I’m weak
You thrill me
I’m so curious
you send me into tears
you embracing me
Shut me up
like a good girl
I feel crazy
It was twilight
drunk on love
You set me on fire
Just like a child
close your eyes
sleep alone
my fingertips
I dim the lights
Inside me you take me
You’re my soul
You got me hypnotized
my pretty baby
easy to predict
say my prayers
too young to understand
I can’t pretend
I’m going crazy
Time can’t erase
Will I pass the test
there’s only you
All the little things
A brave girl tonight
consume you
I can be anything you dream
Something’s missing
find the entrance
make it through the rain
Like a moth to a flame
it feels right
It’s my first time
Little star
I love the feeling
Lets pretend
I thank God
Believe me
on the bed
It’s gettin’ bigger
all day
the only one that you’ll ever love
It’s going to be a long night
rain all over me
I’ll move my hips
I’m hypnotized
Trust my instincts
Only I am to blame
I must confess
I see you coming
Push myself into your mind
lets play pretend
What’s your fantasy
I feel so alive
kiss me
figure me out
I’m addicted to you
I need you near
tell me what you’re thinking of
Wanna see
play with my head
never felt so satisfied
What he’s done to me
Show me something
have to pretend
I don’t wanna rush
feel my summer
deep inside
once in a lifetime
Am I going too fast
Can you love me
love the hurt away
That’s how
bubble baths
realize I’ll always love you
plant the seed
I wanna know what it is
held inside
finger tips
find the secret
Loving me
start to show
I can’t let go
I’ve waited for you
it’s warm inside
You got me obsessed
look at me
Under the moonlit sky
pretty girl, jutting out straight
tuck me in
It feels so right
hold on to innocence
You know how to love me
breaking all the rules
I’m so hard
I’ll come to you
Silky smooth
I was never satisfied
play with me
A broken rose
I feel it
justify my wanting
come a little closer
Flying high
I believe in taking chances
why I want more
the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard
the love we made
Give it up
I’m gonna show ya
I’m at your service
Coming over me
have me when you want me
see me grieve
the way you love me
Good little girls never
hold me close
I get amnesia
Touching you now
I’ve never felt such bliss
thief in the night
forbidden love
If ya like what ya see
Would you prefer
prisoner of love
you drive me crazy
Can’t remember what I did
you and I
lose my innocence
tell me your dreams
love swept
Working overtime
You bring to me
perfect smile
Touched for the very first time
I live for you
Our imagination takes us
protect her emotions
I see you understand
you seem to have a way
Your love comes alive
Close my eyes
I made you up
Just lay right there
It feels really good
I need you
I’ll choose who worships it
I just can’t deny
Talk to me
never felt this way
playing in the dark
got me feelin’ this way
I’m just a little girl
Want me baby
this is private
the promises
I can’t let go of control
I’m falling for ya
Love song
Fish nets
Spread my wings and prepare
You’ll always be mine
Take me so far
I should not be here
I just want to fall in love
You’re all mine
an oasis
you cannot see
The mood is set
everything I got
you’re going to be mine
revolution of love
High society
get close to you
Let me cover you
Now I can just enjoy the ride
I loved you the most
still a secret
its breaking me down
Tell me am I a sinner
I never felt this way
I know you love me
we never even touched each other
you make me bold
garter belt
heal when it’s hurting
don’t be scared
can’t get it outta my mind
this pounding in my chest
Standing ovation
you got me hypnotized
And you make me want you
I shall follow
that’s how love’s supposed to be
she begged me
Think with your heart
What I feel inside
I’m ready now
Sent from above
I can’t explain What you do to me
Take control of it
telling you my fantasies
I can’t do it
we’re alone now
I felt so alone
can’t wait another minute
I just can’t give up
the word is spinning
Since I was a child
linger on
My imperfections
I’m doing my
I have nothing
I thought I would die
spend my time with you
came and melted
I know you can’t resist
die inside
you know what I want
got me blinded
every sin
Well always be
you want it
I’ll hug you tighter
I’ll be your mistress
the light in your eyes
say you love me
pounding in my heart
you feel exciting
Don’t keep me waiting
the chosen one
night melts into morning
Say what you mean
want my body
you can’t escape it
feeling sentimental
care for me
I’m gonna come
Cause you took my love
I don’t think I’ll be strong enough
Feel so empty
bending over backwards
my lips
I can work a spell
I just believed
In my love
gonna be bombastic
she wanted to be with her dad
what it feels like
love addicted
every time you touch me
mine forever
put your name on it)
always be there
feel a little bit frightened
in your dreams tonight
help me
that’s what I feel
make me feel unbroken
turn me out
I tried to hide
I’m under your spell
Late nights
I want to share forever with you
I’m gradually dying
Love without guilt
I want you to take the wh
understand me
of a child
I hear it in your voice
Just us alone
I wanna cry
want me
ask me baby
you’re my lover
A little company
casual encounters
Lost in a dream
put your arms around me
Never forget how to dream
No one can love you the way I do
Never met anyone like you
I can make you
I almost drowned
Come and hold my hand
Just close your eyes
wish I could change the past
don’t want to cry
it’s killing me
close and personal
it’s so intense
Wanting… to justify
sleeping in my bed
take your chance
I believe in your dreams
Miss you most of all
A lesson
feels like a dream
But I can see
the way you touch me
Only girl in the world
I was naive
let him prepare me
best night of your life
Let your inhibitions go
I like it
You have to die for me
read my mind
I need my hands free
rolling down my face
Your hand is thrilling me
I’ll give you love
bring your love to me
Listen to me
don’t you let it end
I’m addicted to you
playin’ in the dark
our love will always
how much I love you
I’m waiting for you
hold it
I want it all
I’m missing you
Your lips
it ain’t for free
fantasies that filled
Your love’s so addictive
your mistress
Anything they did to me
Pray you’ll always be here
can I be out of control
all I’ve ever wanted
give me what I deserve
critical emergency
Take me in your arms
take me away
I am a doll
i pray to you
I need you here
Spread my wings
do you want me
It’s very clear to me
the inside of a rose
pure temptation
satisfy this craving that I feel
still be my star
Only you can rescue me
you got me
tears and the pain
I’m obsessed
it’s just too much
You want me
I could not breathe
On my tippy toes
discover me
Put your love to the test
so into you
baby if you care
Until you walked through my door
Higher than heaven
patiently waiting
don’t feel guilty
everything is showing
little girl wept
Baby make me
come and fill my heart
Let me release
You and I will always
bath with bubbles
I’m not the same
feelings that I can’t explain
you can’t do wrong
perfect world
Daddy said
I’ve come to play
Time stood still
hold me tight
I can’t give you up
want more
There’s no way I’m turning back
go with the flow
The taste of your lips
you’re making me blush
Please take me by the hand
Take me down and love me
Love is all we need
I’m lost without you
I’m down
my secret garden
close your mouth
cursing me
The secrets
I want to share forever with you
is my love delusional
can’t take no more
wishing on these stars
Letting go ain’t easy
out myself
I’ll give you love
Who can wipe my tears ‘Savor every moment
it would be illegal
it’s so hard to hide it
such a shame
down on your knees
This is where you belong
When I’m with you
baby let me
why do you desert me
I promise myself
when you grow up
sex slave
can’t erase a feeling
lose my faith
hold it against me
you’re shining down on me
I need your help
stop, baby
You always love me more
I want to be your baby
kind of romance
That’s how you do it
ight the candles
I’m that one you like
whatever you like
on the morning star
When you get caught
I feel it
You punished me
the stars in the sky
You got me smiling
feel my emotions
kissing me
Tried to abuse me
come fallow me
push up on me
another love story
Don’t leave me here
Lying in bed
Do you like this?
Guilty of lust and sin
It’s still a secret
I want you now
I fall apart every time
What we share is magic
I missed you
Feeling it overtake
feelings this strong
You made me strong
eventually we’ll be together
silly-sounding whimpers
good girls don’t misbehave
cause your lips
I gave it all
Forbidden love
you are intrigued
Invading my privacy
I don’t wanna behave
Feel the silky touch
Come over, I’m so ready
I look into your eyes
I need you
I’ve waited for this day
going to extremes
follow me
Never have to pretend
relieve the pain
I feel for you
Waiting for you
let me
purest form of ecstasy
make you submit
it’s easy to see
stars are falling
Miss me
I don’t mind that
My body’s takin’ over
arrest me
I held her legs apart
I can feel how much you want me
stare at me
a little pain
sacred to me
rush in
I would drive to the ends of the earth
I always longed for
Mirror Mirror on the wall
dripping down my face
I close my eyes
Your name’s a drug
In the pouring rain
I make-believe
You think you know but you can’t imagine
the stars in the sky
Let me do those things for you
When I put on a show
I don’t wanna feel blue
Live out your fantasy
drink to that
I was too young
avoid the temptations of evil
I’m longing
do my homework
I’m hooked on it
baby it’s you
So patiently
coming undone
you don’t even know
came into my life
I have no regrets
Touch me baby
is a crime
see me cry
starry eyed
Come melt my ice
it cause an addiction
Help me to
I just wanna
Time can’t erase
wept in silence
ever so sweet
put your arms around me
make it through
Put my head on your shoulder
You drive me crazy
you stimulate me
Undressing me
you need to realize
I can’t do without
I can taste it
devil in disguise
You show deep love
eelin’ guilty
Kiss me
Long nights
Let me show you why
just like me
I need you to solve it
When you come around
dangerous woman
let me be the one
i lose control
I can’t
My heart is beating faster
break down
Let me win
it starts to rain
I love you anyway
You are every part of me
you can’t take no more
Heaven forbid
Every doubt
If you want to reach the top
wishing on a star
Do you like this
Only love can hurt like this
love against your lips
Find someone to love me
think of me
come into my life
I love how you put me first
so desperate
feel my lac
you can see what I got
pleasing me
be a saint
All alone
like butterflies
I’ll remember
deep down inside
Sparkling colors
it’s taking me over
It doesn’t matter
take this chance
hear my name
want more
on the floor
My love should be illegal
you’re tempting me
sexy little thing
Did I lie to you?
out of control
let it slip away
I’m open, to justify
Will you try
You change me
I won’t let you
the only one you’re wishing for
it’s danger
Calling out your name
Filling my emptiness
Don’t be shy
I’m under your spell
Look at me
wanna feel your skin
take it deep
Would you cry for me?
You tell me where to go
let me have my way
the only one who understands
I really need to
I just want to be with ya
I’m a doll!
Forgive me
keep it overnight
lets make it right
you won’t let me
I need you right away
Don’t wanna wait
controlled by time
Will there be stars
keep me satisfied
cheap trill
I can’t get enough
I can’t leave
incredible, metaphysical
adore you
hold you tight
go slow
I need it in my life
like a father to me
kind of fragile
I never had
You are the one
I wanna see you
wipe my tears
Sweet talk
I’m on your side
good together
Something in your eyes
I cry for your love
I can make your night
I need answers
I’d like to explore
Just wanna move you
I don’t wanna move on
love is alive
come with me
For eternity
Life is a mystery
searching for my soul
Can’t somebody take me
I gotta have you
I’m up awake
I let it ride
you wanna treat me right
I want more
Revive my dignity
It feels like
playing tricks inside his head
That you want
I wish this would last forever
you want me back
the impulse to stay
A little girl wept
right in the face
what will it be?
what we’ll do for it
why you wanna flaunt it
so compelling
Kiss me, I’m dying
It fills me
tame you
Just let the music
that makes me guilty
what you done to me
I want it
we meant to be
please me baby
haunt me
I just want more!
Tonight’s the night
I could feel an attraction
Fever with his kisses
speak the language
Let go
I’m only human
To Caress You
I’m falling hard
fill my cup
How it feel down there on your knees
I’m falling apart
feeling tonight
Tell me how to love you
All I wanna see
Lock you up
running through my mind
let me do it how I wanna
see inside your soul
high velocity
is so deep
I’ve got the urge
my happiness lies
I got you begging
What are you willing to do?
Scared to close my eyes
Come with me
because it’s just too real
sleep without you
when you touch me
won’t you treat me right
Sent from above
Nothing will stop us
What I need
When we fell in love
your lover
I’ll never tell
Every minute of the day
I feel the rush
what are you missing
so devoted
right here next to you
you please me
come with me
I want to hold your hand
Tainted love
down on my knees and beggin’
Baby I’m learning
across the world for you
I’ll never be happy without you
Raise your arms to me
What do you think of me?
Shame on me
Teach me
Find salvation
you need to know
I’m so excited
feel your hands on me
wishful thinking
Fell in love with you
so far away
I return to you
my sanctuary
secret garden
Go someplace
The right one
want me permanently
I need you
be the only one
I’m dying for you
heaven on earth
with your touch
take me down
Did you do it
Grabbing me
I fell so deep
We don’t need to touch
first true love
I can’t take it
I still believe
My body is calling out
the stars are falling
our love is stronger Than any drug
I can tell that you like it
Do ya wanna go higher
I can’t keep from falling in love with you
I’m going numb
on your knees
I saved myself for you
be there for me
start from down below
dry my eyes
Never gonna hide it
I’ve had a taste
I’m not myself when you’re around
I need a change
stars will fall from the sky
I pray for you
I can’t sleep
walk through the fire
flatter you
Never had I imagined
all that I have to give
From your head to your toes
All of my illusions
would you die for me
I fall apart
lost in paradise
feel the rush
I will always feel you
It’s an illusion
I’ve starved
I’m not supposed to
There’ll never be another
who wouldn’t gawk at her young body
am I a sinner?
let me know
crown jewel
Damsel in distress
Loose Your Mind
closest thing to heaven
I need you right away
It’s the first time
Initially she resisted feeling for me
I like red lights
I imagine it
Give it up
I’m like a performer
And it kills me inside
take it all
searching for the moment
You’ve been heaven sent
Give it to me
will always be there for you
like no other lover
I’m feeling lonely
You’re the answer
The color of your eyes
whisper in your ear
comes to me in my dreams
You’re my strength
Baby I’m obsessed
I don’t want to
begging me
You’re all mine
I wanna show you
Like a melody
I’ll never forget you
you see my tears
with a crush on you
sweet lullaby
Can’t explain the feeling
I won’t pretend
let you come inside of me
sexy tricks to show
I’m just your type
Tell me now
it’s just too real
You went out on a limb
the lights go down
What turns you on?
when I need you, I’m desperate
put me on display
justify this
I’d do anything
Fall like rain
you can bring me to heel
In my secret garden
Everything I do is for you
turn ’em off
in your arms
one and only
I can’t come down
you’re the only one that’s in command
I’m falling under
Touch me, I’m trying
crazy position
feel exciting
love for me will grow
your love is good
I told you a thousand times
You’re all I want
feel your devotion
For the first time
again and again,
I’m kinda
If you dare
My sexuality
Like you wanted to play
You got me moanin
see you smile
be an angel
I just melt away
I can’t escape
Watch and learn now
I admire the most
twice as nice
To be seduced
beg for more
I must falter
Take all my time
We would make love
Here forever
Baby, you’re the king
Slow, baby
All the magic
go all the way
I’m a little child
Touch my body
I promise
it’s coming
you’re the only one I belong to
Take it
Lightning strikes
This is my place
I really want your intimacy
like to grind
I miss you
let it rain
came like a virgin
while I wait
I want it now
still in my bed
empty inside
I go with the flow
I don’t wanna be so shy
feel the same way
You are my leader
you got me begging
Get off my street
you’re making me yours
breaking down
feel like I’m climbin’
Look at the flicks
I can’t forget
She kneels in front of me
mood ring
You always taught me right from wrong
I’m into myself
I can bring you heel
this is you
I’m ferocious
It may be wrong but it feels right
I really need to know you
You drive me
stay ahead
Nothing comes better
This what happens
there’s something about you
stay on top
down the boulevard
nothing we can do
I’ve been waiting on you
Eff me over
I’m addicted
I found you
Our own private party
getting so friendly
Shaking it soft
You got me obsessed
control it
I’ll teach you how
Someone tell me
Catch me now
There’s no one here
I can’t sleep at night
Give it up
touch me
make you happy
Don’t give in
make it through
I want your body
What’s wrong with me?
You’re a shooting star
I don’t mean to
I wait for you to call
let’s play pretend
If I could melt your heart
You took me by surprise
I don’t wanna
the feeling overflows
Intoxicate me
Be my prisoner
I am yours
Come closer
dirty dancin’
come to get me
I feel such love
Come and take it from me
I’m glad you came
And I’m paralyzed
I know you want to
the sweetest touch
I want my baby
pride and joy
What I feel inside for you
Swallow all your pride
Come with me
I feel the adrenaline
gain control with your words
more and more
If you want
I can’t get enough
somehow I survived
Don’t go making me cry
What do I have to do
I’m going crazy
the color of my love
it’s almost too intense
Never hide it
Drug that I can try
I believe in taking chances
baby I’m yours
Against your lips
your whole world collapse
I’ll keep looking
I have no choice
say my name
You don’t know how to
stay here forever
We’ll take another chance
I’m only here to
what you do to me
You are my teacher
I keep re-living you and I
if you feel me let me know
I’ll let you in
I’ll let you lead the way
Lifestyles of the rich and famous
are you game
all you need
I need love and
This is who I am
swept over me
Keeping secrets
Exchanged my vows
take a look at me now
I make sure I behave
Do you wanna see me down on my knees
make me feel
Forgive me
A little bit longer
get to know my body
hear me
I cannot control it
I let my father
I’ll keep a secret
There’s just you
unlock me
Don’t be shy
The object of your desire
I will always have you
I need your protection
put me on
you can force me
go with the flow
You took my heart
I wanna show
give me everything I need
I’ll give you love
This is me
all over
lose control
I know that you’re the one
i’m gonna stay
you’re the best thing to happen
I look in your eyes
You must love me
I was too young to understand
end with kisses
You’re dangerous for me
let it come
He adores me
You’re an angel
Don’t make a sound
holy water
Big cities
I know you wanna touch
you cannot deny
You’re Mr. Right
Midas touch
you call I’ll come
Why do you cry
How many licks
long distance love
A little bit dangerous
He was like a father to me
I’m caught between yes and no
I’d rather haunt you
I told her how pretty she is
You’ve got sex siren
I am here to testify
Daddy, won’t you treat me right
Love without guilt
my heart’s beating fast
I’m scared
nothing can hold you down
I just can’t say no
so many nights
I believe in you
I know you love me
so full of life
it’s chaotic
I’m his girl
naughty come on
Cause you’re beautiful
I want you so bad it scares me
I could make love to your voice
It’s all so natural
you got me where you want me
I’m not ashamed
Magic poison
shame rolling down my face
People please
He warms me
it feels so right
No one can
Something is wrong with the picture
hold me
I was so committed
You send me
velvet rope
sell your soul, baby
Touch me
a part of me
We went round for round
I need your strength
Could this love
light up when you call my name
Anytime you come around
Somewhere I can clear my head
flutter through the sky
I’m never gonna hide it
my body ache
Just like warm rain
she always had a crush on me
our love will last forever
I’ve ever experienced
you’re the one
give me love until I’m satisfied
I’m not like this all the time
take me as I am
You broke the mold
comes so easy
Please forgive me
I barely made it out alive
I am a girl
your sister
If I behave
Let me love you
our love’s a felony
I have no shame
it’s me that you feel
Show you how I want ya
Touches everything
It’s all an illusion
kind of love
Imma make it easy
it’s so chaotic
melt together
delay my pleasure
animal instinct
She smiles through tears
on the fence
i need
I can’t control
I need someone like you to come
I have no secrets
I need your light
Up and down
good to me
ask me who I love
You’re going to need
please don’t hesitate
Never let you go
I need you
this feeling
be his wife
perfect flower
I can’t refuse it
I’m still waiting for you
I wanna be your little baby
I was seventeen
I wanna be your possession
Time can’t erase
I am losing my mind
I go straight to you
I am here in your arms
Your taste
bring out the best in me
I wish you only knew
I play into your fantasy
I need you to die for me
I love you more than life
I just wanna hold you
please make my wish come true
make it clear
lose The girl I am
Deeper than I’ve ever dreamed
Get out of my mind
she is hot, she can get any guy
I love you no matter what
I can’t get over you
you saved me
I cherish your strength
Be alone
on my toes
That’s where they’ll stay
cuts so deep
keep stalking me
we can make plans
it’s chaotic
ain’t the same without you
be the reason
Watch me
be here for me
All girls
ready too
I wanna wrap you up
best of me
turn ya body out
rare and priceless
You can beg
this is private between
thinking of me
between you and I
You can always come into me
And I’m going crazy
lose control
I’m yearning for
I just want more
I could bring you so much pleasure
You’re the one
‘Till the feeling overflows
never another to take your place
moving through my veins
turn your head
I adore you
when you touch me
you’ll love it
there’s something to see
Till the end of time
wakes you up inside
she had her first orgasm very early
beg you to stay
empty space
bubble baths
I’m lost
I can’t be tamed
I can’t stand you
Only you can make it right
tighten me
open up your mouth
You have a special quality
I never felt this way
point me in the right direction
Can’t get away
you gotta let me know
Patience, darling,
make it all right
get close to you
I waited for you all my life
if I’ve done it wrong
Like so many friends
Late at night
I can’t help myself
I’ll teach you
even touched each other
If you behave
I feel a tingle
it hurts inside
I got everything you need
you’re thirsty
long anticipating
I ain’t demented
It makes me tremble
I can’t wait anymore
Your love comes alive
Late nights
you’re my superstar
The madness of love
You’re the one I’m dreaming of
I’m desperate
I want to know
I can’t catch my breath
I stay by the phone
whatever pleasures you
You’re so perfect
let me make it up to you
I’ll be done before you know
Can you be my father?
sent from heaven
It’s incredible, unbelievable
ive Got nothing without you
I’m in love
The very first time we touched
crave it
make a move
make me believe
Side effects
let you lead the way
Touch my body
you are mine
put it to his head
making me blush
Just stay
They say I’m crazy
Touch me once
just love me
your love is real
night and day
that’s my love
I can’t forget
Let’s get it together
our hearts skip a beat
Up and down and all around
Better think twice
kiss back
plant the seed
feels so special
I feel your
tears rolled down my eyes
spend the night
I have been so good
can’t erase a feeling this strong
When I was very young
be happy like a child
against your kiss
make me feel it
make you feel like a man
my love is alive
My heart is in your hand
Did you do it
I want it all over you
I try
what your thinkin of
I’d give you all I have
The reason I breathe
score a perfect ten
bullet in your head
Love is pain
lost in space
I’m perfectly good
you can hear me crying
I find naive girls to be very attractive
I’ll cast a spell
Tell me what I did to deserve this
my first love
can’t sleep at night
I’m making advances
I feel so small
baby now
more than ever
I can pretend
I’ll feed you
Your kiss feels like a drug
intoxicating my mind
Summer days and nights
Leaves me wanting more
tell me how you feel
I gravitate towards
finger tips
I need a hit
I need some
a million miles
I’ll follow my heart
confess to me
triggering your senses
nobody knows who I am
I’m just a girl with a crush
I need your body
traded fame for love
start right now
Want to take a chance
Closer to the sky
it should be illegal
I want to be married
so deep
Have you even been so enamored
marry me
make love
Something’s coming
Live out your fantasy
I want to be a tease
taken by your charm
leave me wanting more
I’m bleeding for you
I just want to be happy
closest thing to heaven
please, please forgive me
come here to me
just let me
do as I say
Whisper softly and the world just dissapears
I’m a girl
You got just what you came for
I’m dying for company
Keep it confidential
You try to gain control
Can’t come down
I need you
I’m afraid
come rescue me
I Don’t wanna wait
need to catch my breath
Pulled me in
save what’s left of me
Won’t stop till you prepare me
I give him what he wants
should I break
I’ll have it for you
We’re breaking down
i’ve got a secret
Come inside
I’m not trying to hide it
You bring to me
come home
take a stand
obsessed with me
He needs me
I’d give you all I have
I adore you
float in the clouds
every minute
Please forgive me
when I think about you
everything is showing
Touch me
wait for the night
let you have me
down to my soul
don’t leave me
I feel I love
close my eyes
Leave me wanting more
It hurts so much
never let go
You want me
Want it so badly
Finally found a girl
open up my eyes
I need you close to me
The more I tense
give yourself to me
There’s no pressure
Future lovers
no choice
take me home
You know exactly how to touch
love me
I won’t let you
I was so blind
I can’t give you up
Promise me
hear the pain in my voice
Beg you please
secret rendezvous
Coming over me
cry baby
if a spanking is administered “properly”
Going insane
sweet fantasy
my pure love
I don’t know how to
give my all
You would start and never stop
I never felt this way
You’re mine
I will give you the stars
I think I like you
love is a game
Could you be all alone
at his command
Late at night like a little child
all my love’s for you
Sweep me
People are looking at us
Do you love me?
Am I going too fast
Here forever
I would go with you anywhere
get your ecstasy
warm up to me
I want you so bad
start me up
I must confess
All I want is more
I like that
Wishing on a star
Be there for me
I am helpless
Take me for a ride
treat me like a child
I will grow
lace and leather
Can’t let you go
Truth or dare
feel my love
with you by my side
This feeling inside
In my love
I wanna take over your body
I’ve become dependent
these tears are overflowing
bringing out the best in me
Are you surprised?
Feel it in your body
I grabbed you
put you in line
I hit the big time
handle me
I don’t speak the language
I told you “No”
I think I’m in love
Like the touch
You make me feel
it’s your turn now
Share your love
it’s so amazing
now’s the time
Future lovers
ready to play
Come up to my room
really needs to feel love
you touch my thighs
I hear it in your voice
hold me tight
Everytime you touch me there
Take me
touch me there
who I am inside
You are my star
wish that you were here
you want it
it feels so wrong
they always convince me
it’s all going down
how could he love me
pierce me
When you come around
she let me take her
take you to the darkness
in my face
I don’t wanna be alone
holy water
Control it
get the best of me
win your love
like a little child
I have no choice
just relax
everything you need
down on me
Find someone that I can care for
I’ve been praying on my knees
Don’t want another
it’s not a sin
predict my fate
Crying for you
don’t mess with my head
I can’t get it enough
Your imperfections
have faith
In my secret place
Are you ashamed of how I turned out
Take my hand
My every wish
You’re the reason I need
There must be Something more
pain is my pleasure
break you
deep down inside
she drives me crazy
imperfect angel
love you
I only want you
its ready to blow
taste me
You want it now
Come and Get me
I can’t make you love me
I need you next to me
I’m so in love
it’s the strongest thing
Can’t stop thinking of you
I’m not your property
take me home
losing your mind
Livin’ in sin
All I know is addiction
make me feel
Happen in my bedroom
the one that got away
Your touch
You know what to do
As long as you are
A lover
you’re here with me
I’m addicted to pain
follow your lead
ask me not to go
you’ll be right back
I can’t get enough of you
So blind
a little inappropriate
stay here forever
moth to a flame
into your mind
I’m obsessive
I adore you
pour it on
turn me on
You must be from heaven
Don’t you know you need me?
Do what you want
All my tears
improve my life
like a teddy
It’s turned me into a monster
I’m no good without you
I can pretend
You the one that I think about always
No place to run
pain is my pleasure
Sweet love
you were always there for me
What do you think of me?
it’s a fantasy
I got to make him happy
I know you in and out
you can see my heart
I saw it in your eyes
talk sweet to me
It’s got a hold of me
They can beg
My body’s waiting
it’s going down
I like it
Tell me am I wrong?
I want it to last
I’ve got something for you
Unending passion
just like I want you
I still don’t know what’s happening
you want to
You needed me
All control
I will soothe you
What makes you feel good?
Baby don’t you leave
just a play ground
fiend for love
what you did
Sweet surprise
Sacred in my heart
Dreams are made of this
like a spinning wheel
it’s very difficult
love rushes
you play so well
You blessed me inside
Tell me, please
stay with me eternally
You make my body scream
I was hopeless til I found you
touch you
You can call me crazy
Tell me that it’s not too late
I’m not afraid
apply the pressure
listen as I pray
please help me
I am the night
I want your body now
baby I’m yours
No matter what
good on my own
I can’t live without you
Baby, blow it
you can make me
I’m caught up in the midst of you
throw it at you
Don’t make me wait
Red Lipstick
Let me be with you
I’m a slave
you turn me on
Turn the lights out
As it swept over me
deny it
dressed up and glamorous
a feeling this strong
I’d do anything
have his child
You tell me everything
comes alive on my lips
I miss you like crazy
tell me how you feel
be concealed
I feel your touch
It won’t be the same
When you touch me
I held so tight
I’m dancing
a feeling this strong
all a girl wants
spend forever with you
If you want me
You might be stunned
I don’t want to explain
we kiss
I don’t want to hear that
he didn’t care
It’s like heaven on earth
Don’t underestimate
It’s kinda hard
We find ourselves
In the middle of the night
I’m in too deep
I’m a go getter
every man Will be compared to you
it’s criminal
I have been so good
I don’t know how to live
be a little selfish
Feels so good being bad
hold it against me
I can’t catch my breath
I reach for you
I’m just a girl
in my Fantasies
Always strung out
I’m lost in paradise
blame it on me
glimpse of paradise
You’re watching me crawl
I can’t explain
You make me
I can see it in your face
The way it feels
I’m tired of dancing
I’m teasing
I’ve been anticipating
make history
A little girl
I’m the only girl in the world
I can’t let go
another day
it’s not right
You need me
like a drug
You’ll do it
deepest thoughts
I want you so bad
I lose all my senses
come to me
Trench coat and my underwear
Everytime I see your face
turn around baby and face me
give me something to remember
get a peak
You the one that I dream about
people praying
please forgive me
let’s get lost
Let’s break the rules
little Ms. Sunshine
Lying beside you
you are my favorite
I can’t explain
You got me fiendin’
surround me
I wish you would
thank God
I get amnesia
start to pray
I let my father
I miss the way you think
do it
I let temptation
Believe me baby
we’ll be together
washed away my tears
I kneel and pray
overtaking me
get unconscious
captured my soul
I can almost taste your
I’m a little hypnotized
How you needed me
come and get me
Look deep inside
I need you next to me
I can’t live
I can taste it on my lips
Held you tight
he’s my biggest fan
The reason I hold on
rise to the occasion
Your the best
taught me how
What I feel for you
listen to my words
Tell me how
I love you most of all
next to me
still have my love
A petal
Gave me something to believe in
chemical reaction
Words are useless
Little star
never disappear
Anything that I desire
tell me
I promised you
taking me higher
come a little close
Can’t get you outta my mind
hold my hand
tie you down
I am happy
Let’s see your sexuality
I wanna show you
Keep proving it
I’m spinning
I want to close my eyes
just call me
I know you want my touch
you keep me alive
Each day that I spend around you
You got me spinnin’ for you
your lonely
With all my heart
don’t you wanna cross the line
Share your love
pulling down her spandex tights
say you love me
Why don’t you let me,
you drive me crazy
in your own hands
I’m trying
My mind is gone
You’re in control
I’ll never tell
you are mine
The queen of the sheets
I want you to want me
keep this secret
caressing me
Underneath the stars
I’m in love
I can’t describe
And when we touch
Will I pass the test
a thousand tears
Baby, please
cast me under your spell
There’s no stopping you and me
hear your words
like a firework
One is fun, why not two?
dream about all day
I want you for the rest of my life
love me hard
I still love you
look at you looking at me
every night
While I was praying
I’m in between
I get nervous
show it
take over my body
the best of me
You got everything that I want
I treasure you
I got a reputation
I would give my all
Let’s cross the line
I need to give you
follow my lead
a wet noodle
Boy let me
I’ll always be your girl
I tried to be a good girl
It drowns me
You’re the star now
In the Sky
I’m so naive
you’re just my type
You make me feel so hot
you were my favorite drug
watch and learn how
he’s touching you
Like bees to the honey
another love story
Won’t you help me out
I can’t help
You’re the one that I think about
Had to look twice
always be in my heart
Feel like a brand new possession
treat me right
I may be young
her poison
You’re so beautiful
Fall like rain
rock me
Take me down
You’re near
Control it
I pop it
What makes you feel exciting
There’s a certain satisfaction
does he always have to come
make me cry
Please take me back
you’re so obsessed
I’ve been waiting here forever
Better think twice
I’m just a girl
you saved my life
wash all over me
Kiss me here
Celebrate me
our masterpiece
saving it all for you
when you need someone
All on my own
love the hurt away
I feel you near
Taking me
You make me feel
Think of me
Starry eyedevery time you’re with me
do as I say
like a little child
sweet reaction
take the wheel
Close to me
Because it’s my night
now it’s all messed up
you’re the devil
I won’t back down
in my heart I know there’s only you
Don’t forget
I don’t understand
You can’t make me cry
I try to run
like a little child
you were trying to love me
Don’t make me lose my mind
Lips like candy
Forgive me
I’ll teach you how
I’m impaired
let it sink in
the finest thing I seen in my life
anything you want
I am free
let’s explore
All is fair in love
we’ll start to cake up
all that I need
I wanna cry
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
on the verge of obscene
I’m in a trance
I wanna sneak
stealing you
I’m a dreamer
be a little less
my story
I want it
makes me breathe again
need me all the way
tell me your dreams
I’ve liked you for awhile
come into my room
Anytime you touch me
safe in your arms
look at me like I’m a little girl
I want you to love me
swallow my pride
I can’t compete
when I’m drowning
thrill is momentary
your first true love
I got feelings
the deepest love
I’m in the palm of your hand
my hands are tied
I can’t give you up
Feel like another
words so sweet
broken down
the devil’s here
Do you love me?
I’ll never give myself to another
How good it feels inside
become a butterfly
If I had one wish
I like the way I feel
I’m just insecure
Black magic
Follow your heart
I forgot my name
put me on
thinking of you
start loving me
I’d love to see you
I tasted my fears
blowing you away
someone there to hold
what’s best for me
I’ve never been afraid to cry
can’t deny
I found out
I notice you
Convict me
I had to pay my rent
cut the light
You’re so excited
I will do everything
prove I’m worthy
you read my mind
our gonna lose your mind
I put on quite a show
I can’t get enough
I love you
Flowing through my veins
the feeling’s right
Every little thing
kiss on my cheek
you’re the spark
If you come
Please, forgive me
I like the way I feel
without you nothing’s real
Every little time
it’s difficult to smile
it’s never wrong
it comes to me
sexing me
You haven’t got a clue
I’m in deep
All over
see life through my eyes
I make no apologies
It’s your turn
the answer’s hiding
I don’t know how
Before I let you in
don’t tell me to stop
I’m going to try
I’ll be lovin’ you
I’m not concerned
you fascinate me
My everything
we love you
I need you now
I’m so excited
how a guy should treat a girl
make it to my mouth
Come with me
in control
see me down on my knees
Just give in
keep this tied down
I know that it’s true
wait for the night
Baby I must confess
Can’t come down
beggin’ for more
you’re no good for me
I notice you
Expensive lingerie
I need you to know
mark my territory
put what you’ve learned to the test
there’s nothing better
You’re all that I can trust
give me a private show
Wrapped Up
Break it down
Tell me what you like
Feel the hole inside
fill up my cup
coursing through me
you’re so shrewd
the reason I feel
has kissed me
Doctor, patient
Let me drive you crazy
don’t be shy
Talk to me
Show up
That’s what our future will be
come and save me
so let me love you
roll it
How much I Like it
touching my skin
How it feels
I can’t get you off of my brain
We might be lovers
lovers cried
I’m caught in between
take it, take it
you’re a fantasy
Tell me why
satisfy all my needs
I’m not happy
break it down
I’m following you
you make me
I need to be loved
my nights
Sometimes I feel shy
feel it in my kiss
Reach me
I swallow my pride
let your love show
I’ll be your mistress
Please, forgive me
That’s how to make it okay
come to me
You took your love away
Is taken for weakness
Don’t ever leave me
bring me low
wash away my sorrow
quench my desire
I want to be your baby
Fall down my face
I’m so excited
like no other lover could
You make me know
Don’t keep me waiting
seal it with a kiss
wash over me
train of thought
Let it wash over
What you do to me
I want to share forever
You needed me
need me
Bright lights
I’ll do whatever you ask
I can feel alive again
we probably shouldn’t do this
I feel the need
Love the hurt away
I was a baby on the street
let me turn you on
nine lives
touch your skin
I can’t seem to give you up
I’m in denial
I can taste you
What do you want me to do
my body’s aching
Baby just enjoy
give me a voice
make me your girl
I was tempted
Promise me
be near you
I gotta have you
Feels so good
I let myself lose
confess my sins
only you and me
what I want
All alone, in my room
I’m in control
holding you tight
Be a sweet angel
I’ve never been untrue
I’ll never be the same
fading into you
I can’t live without your love
when will they ever learn
come and get it
It’s hard to forget
Full disclosure
How could I explain
think things over
feel it
I can feel you
I still believe
Turn the lights down
give me thrills
the small of my back
in love with you
touching hands
storybook romance
No matter what
You used me
I choose who worship
You make me whole
I want to believe
all over my body
life isn’t fair
I give my soul to you
don’t be scared
I can be your nurse
it was getting hypnotic
You’re the perfect lover
pain is my pleasure
I’m all alone in bed
You can’t handle the truth
I just wish
I will always cherish you
show me
You must be from heaven
Nobody else comes close
stay in love
Gonna break you down
I’m the only one
we can dance
sweet sensation
I lay awake at night
treat me right
Intoxicate me
it’s hot and heavy
you changed my mind
so naive
what I’ve been yearning for
I need to
How high are the stakes
I can taste you
I need you next to me
Love me, hate me
fame and fortune
I can force you
There’ll never be another
I can tell you want me
Hold me tight..
Anything that I desire
I don’t know what to do
my patience is wearing thin
Fall like rain
I can’t
Took me to heaven
I start purring
I make baby smile and blush
you’re my best friend
I have no choice
Do you like this?
I’m sitting here alone
you’re my superstar
like quicksand
This fatal attraction
In a blink of an eye
completely you
I go straight to you
I yearn
he’s the only one I need
I dream about all day
out of control
hard for me to see
Soft heavenly
Just tell me where
You’re everywhere I go
I tasted the rain
magical child
just the thought of you
I break
I’m begging you
be good for me
I dream about all day
Watching me all night long
you took my love
tonight I need you
I do the things you want me
what you wanna do to me
subconsciously I knew
All my dreams
Show me yours and I’ll show you mine
I feel so beautiful
we’d never be apart
I want it
Take away my pain
be my side
i crave for you
I’m dying
know it very well
To turn you on
love vibratio
I need time
show me where it hurts
takin’ me away
It doesn’t pay to be a runaway
Wanting, needing
Make me make you
Loving me so hard
let you in
You’ve got a hold of me
nothing could measure
Deeper than a dream
I’m dreaming of your kiss
You never let me down
cry now
make a move
tears of shame
Dear diary
Make me
the only way to love
drowning in you
I feel the heat
make you change your mind
the stars in the sky
give me hope
make me want you
lost their meaning
count the stars
On my tippy toes
flashing lights
Your innocence
let the baseline pump
u drive me crazy
I don’t care about nothing but you
I fell kind of weak
pain is so deep
Give me one chance
Wanting you
Your touch
Hot as you can stand it
Forever need me
draw close to my lips
This feeling inside
I lay me down to sleep
This is what love is
so much confusion
I see you in my dreams
entertain you
You held me down
darkest night
Baby, I’m so afraid
touch the sky
I’m only good
Calling out your name
wanna flaunt it
I want to spend forever
I need it
I’m the one to blame
you wanna taste
I’m going to extremes
see my face
feeling emotions
Don’t break my heart
hes the one for me
sugar rush
lust and sin
To say you love me
Your only pleasure
Do like that
Make it last forever
I don’t deserve you
but I am dreaming
This is not a crime
To need release
little piece of heaven
make it look good
it fits like a glove
I’d do anything
You can do whatever you like
enough to share
how u drive me crazy
I’ve never felt this way
tell me why
call my name
Sometimes a girl just needs
When I am afraid
love me all the way
all around
aim to please
sugar coat it
they tried to do it to me
He’ll be back on his knees
every night I pray
Everything I give you
Fucked me up
My heart’s beating
haunt you
comfort you
I’m a believer
everything I’m looking for
take me
You want me bad
My loneliness
kiss you soft
I’m addicted to your love
When the lights out
You’re taking over my mind
All a girl needs
undress me
say you want me
I don’t think you should wait
We don’t need to touch
I’m hoping that the sky might fall
next to me
the one
rein you in
I won’t deny it
Lost in the world
feel what I feel
You are a treasure to me
I need someone to let me
He took my breath away
come out and play
we’re young right now
right in the face
I don’t want to reveal
tell me why
Don’t break me apart
Just trust me
When we touch
you make me down to earth
trap your mind
you say it like you mean it
you hold me tight
Don’t go
playing with fire
make me sin
Turn you on
Love takes time
Like a waterfall
so enticing
I’ve had a taste
I don’t want to say goodbye
I’ve waited all my life for you
Talk sexy to me
I don’t need proof
go wild
I just couldn’t fight
I find myself flirting
If it’s love that you want
Make it clear
protect me
I know I love you
all that I need
Watch and learn
This is where I long to be
take my hand
need and cherish
I’m just a girl with a crush
summer fling
my playground
you miss me you love me
Tell me what to do
I’m full of hope
I’m addicted
I can make you feel
let it flow
my innocence
I know it’s real
I loved so much that I cried
I fall off the edge
feel it in the air
Just one look and I knew
you’re making me glow
It’s kinda hard
Your touch is wonderful
make me feel good
let me be the one
it fucks me so good
When you find love
Please stay
can our love be revived
take me
I wanna feel your touch
has never been a stranger to me
Turn a blind eye
make me feel
took me down
break down
It feels like a dream
back to his house?
ou’re driving me crazy
I break
your eyes capture me
Feel your breath
you feel desire
Shame on me
caressing me
make it easy
its breaking me down
cryin for ya
You are the best I’ve seen
dirty little deeds
I want to feel
tame me
Candy from a stranger
I was tempted
You won’t breathe
You could caress me
keep it up, keep it up
I’m no counterfeit
don’t be shy
take me home
down on my knees
I love you
be my one and only
dyin for ya
Take away my pain
stars in the sky
Feels like the first time
like a kitty cat
baby, I stay
you need me
I tried to be your wife
hurt me
I came into this world
thinking about you
Teasin me
I don’t wanna be alone
Like a dream
manipulate me
all in your mind
getting deeper
Come on and play
everything’s still
you’re so devoted
I wanna take you away
When you know
wash over you
You’re so beautiful
felt the angels cry
I’m all in
What’d we do
Everything feels so strange
You took my love
bind me
I don’t want to
you’ve always known
you’re movie star
Just submit
make you change your mind
When I get you home
You know how to touch
I’ll eat you up alive
I’ve always been in love with you
I die for you
open your heart
that’s so hard
let you catch me
Your the perfect lover
trampled on me
Taught me
you know me inside out
I shouldn’t have given in
Feel my heart beating
What I gotta do
handsome stranger
with a flock
there’s no one else around
I can’t get enough
Come over here
cut like a knife
Virgin or whore
I adore you
the promise that you cannot keep
the touch of my skin
I’m under his spell
Do you want more?
Do you like it
I sealed with kiss
suspend my senses
I don’t think you know
Just like a drug
Nothing in the world that he wouldn’t
I’d lose myself
I’m walking on a tightrope
You’re watching me crawl
I’m on a ride
I am yours
such a secret
hold my hand
Pull me in
I thank God I found you
knows just what to say
love allowed
it’s like MDMA
You give me strength,
I will breathe for you
trust me
Someone to admire
You’re gonna learn
Since you went away
Since you came into my life
slipping away
Blowing kisses
Like a moth to a flame
Let it wash all over me
be in charge
It’s all that I need
gonna make it right
Spend My Life
falling back in your arms
Forgive me
You’ve seen me lose control
You make me feel hot
In a blink of an eye
I just can’t believe
I hope some day
I love the feeling
Hurts me deep inside
What’ I do to deserve this
you still care
give everything a girl could give
I want to kiss you
You were the first
No matter what I do
bending over backwards
I’ll be the one to catch you
I can’t quench my desire
If you care for me
I would shower you with love
I feel the need
Guilty of
is all you need
Come show me
all over my body
Your love for me will grow
Let me take you out
I got dreams
traveled round the world
in my lap for an early morning cuddle
I am blown away
dont stop once you get started
I have nothing to lose
I could hardly breathe
Keep the secret
I like it
Cherish the thought
only love can last
the stars up above
I melt away
Nothing compares
I can’t stay mad at you
What’s a girl to do
Feels so right
Can’t get away
I see you looking at me
I don’t know what to feel
above my pleasure
Every time I feel the need
steal your heart away
you’re all the oxygen I need
father knows best
best of me
I’ll love you till the day I’m gone
got my permission
I have no shame
that’s the way it is
Physical Attraction
I can’t hold it in
you’re my disease
I’ve been stranded
understand me
nourish you
Show me what you can do
I have come alive
I got feelings
the love felt strong
Am I your star?
inside of me
All my life
batting her eyes
There’s a girl in the mirror
you can call me
Young girl
I want to know
it feels good
I’m good at it
It’s so hard to accept
Tryna to make you understand
Exactly what you’re dreaming of
adrenaline moving through my veins
I’m your girl
Wherever you headed
I’m gonna crawl
You give me fever when you kiss me
no matter how long
What’s your fantasy
Every little touch
I fall for you
With a sexy attitude
I need some air
I’ve got to swallow my pride
give me something to remember
It’s so hypnotic
The way I feel for you
Something’s missing
let’s pretend
I’m a nice Girl
shared your secrets
you can’t deny
Feeling you now
just skin
What we do is innocent
I wet my lips
Very sudden, very forceful
you and I are alone
Think with your heart
turn me lose
I feel so small
it’s all I can think about
uch the sky
I’m gonna take control
I can’t get enough of you
Pulled me in
blinding me
dream about all day
You’re lost in fantasy
tell me what I have to do
Watch and learn
I want you right away
private party
release some stress
like kids want candy
I’m workin’ my body
just a pretty girl
our love goes round
I told her how pretty she is
It’s just me and you
am I wrong?
dancin’ in the dark
Come play with me
My heart beats fast
Never forget where you come from
Your the best
I won’t be satisfied
tryna fight it
let the rhythm
I’m walking on the sky
Please don’t stop
I put myself in this position
romantic ending
no matter what
I’d like you to teach me
Tell me what you need
her body is weeping
Don’t stop it
I long for you
All my dreams
slumber party
go all the way
Swallow your pride
feels inside
Let her receive her King
For the record
sent from heaven
So gently
You deserve the best in life
the love of our life
I’m going to breakdown
whatever brings you pleasure
can’t compete
I’m face to face
I’m Touchin down
I opened up my heart
with the darkness
Baby come
I dream of you
just a fantasy
preserve my
I got you crazy
I’ll have to pay
Whenever you call
I will heal you
you can’t escape it
flower garden
all of my kindness
Her voice was high pitched
doin’ what you like
I need you here with me
I’m choking back
I run away
call me a sinner
Touch me and i come alive
I feel closer
French fingertips
Took me to heaven
Next to my bed
Say you’re sorry
Cry to me
Jesus Christ will you look at me
I never felt this way
Take me
I’m following you
dim light
I fall so deep
I put myself in this position
It’s ecstasy
Touch you
A little closer
Reach for the stars
Take me anyway you want
Deeper and deeper
All mine
make a party last
don’t fight it
My fingertips
devoted for life
love me more
find a way
you push your luck
Anytime you want me
I’m ready to break
You are my heart
I’m in trouble deep
your arms around me
I won’t lie
see life through my eyes
It makes me cry
so divine
I need it now
pull us under
special kiss
Emotions running wild
It’s all about survival
I been imagining
just know I want to
I’m under his spell
I love the smell
You make me feel
I’m guilty
Don’t wanna let you down
I’m in heaven
make a move
Oh my
Just take it all
I’ve been yearning
Got me fiendin’
I know how
I’ll always share
Under the lights
I will raise you
I need your love right now
seal it with a kiss
the one that got away
feels so sweet
I’m never going to stop
I am gonna tell
you pursued me
I save it all for you
there’s no tomorrow
our bodies move as one
You know you still love me
If I’m not good enough
know where I stand
should I be sad
it rushes me
I can’t go on another day
you know me inside out
Put your hands all
kiss my lips
I perish the thought of leaving
Let’s discover
I see you looking my way
I need you
Touch me and i come alive
physical attraction
eternally yours
time wasn’t on your side
Ribbon with a bow on it
I need someone to love
I like it
Let me drive you crazy
buy the dress
You’ve got me twisted
I need to learn who I am
gag me
Just like an animal
I don’t know what to say
push me off the edge
I need you
Drew the line
make a connection
my demonstration
like a child
I know you watching me
Everytime you touch me
play the part
Tryna get away
just close your eyes
show me
If I wait
Your love is perfection
Nowhere to hide
I feel like I’m yours
I’ll be your one stop
pure temptation
call my phone
just wipe away my fears
make you beg for it
Physical attraction
I close my eyes
sent from heaven
Today is the last day
When we fell in love
touch my soul
I’m lost,
put me in my place
they don’t understand me
what you’re willing to do
make sure I behave
It’s so confusing
just wants to fall in love
Anyone can see
You’re haunting me
drove me crazy
Your body language
Don’t break me
A ticking time bomb
I’m paralyzed
I’m not alone
it’s make believe
surrender to me
Glittering lights
Our time is borrowed
Please take all of my
watch it grow
Rolled the dice
got to understand
look but not touch
where my love is
take it to new extremes
You took my love for granted
Late at night
Tell me how you feel
Hurt me
It’s coming
the best of me
I needed you by my side
Tell me am I wrong
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Now I’m in control
I need to be free
Looking at your pictures
touch my soul
Here I go
it’s a felony
hold it against me
it can save me
Open up cause it feels
You got to love me
I must confess
make a big girl cry
wait for me
I’m reaching out to you
I need it
Every day and every night
I could be your girl
You knew all along
Emotions running wild
because I jumped in her hand, like magic
The time is right
Let me take a breath
tonight I need you
find the secret
We’re breaking down
if I look
I want to feel
coming back to you
touch me there
I’ll never let go
here it comes
please me baby
my heart beats faster
just let me
I’m going crazy
turn me inside out
I don’t need a reason
I longed to
You don’t need another
how was I supposed to know
touching me
You don’t even know my name
how many times
I am blown away
I’ve lost my reputation
had so many lovers
mark my territory
If I wait
you’re the only option
go through it
surround me
the only one in my heart
so much pleasure
I’m in a daze
we all want love
I adore ya
To love you is a sin
I wanna feel what love is
It’s so enticing
Losin’ my head
make me submit
I’ll never leave your side
Don’t be afraid
I can almost taste
Baby you should make me yours
feel me
telling you my fantasies
I’m addicted
its breaking me down
you make me feel good
Little hazy
Cherish the thought
give it to me like I want it
Baby come and share my world
Put me on a pedestal
trapping me
I’ll always feel for you
There’s no escape
I still cry
I’m only human
I never felt like this
I’m not alone
I’m electric
underneath the stars
Little me
forbidden fruit
come through the door
Red lips
let’s play pretend
I just want you to touch me
No baby
Our love is strong
can’t get enough
Breathe in
I’m caught in between
what I love about you
I just can’t control myself
baby you tear them down
Words are useless
you love me
Red lipstick
There’s no more waiting
take away his life
The drug that I crave
Pulling me closer to you
And never let’s you go
You got me going insane
I’m losing my mind
I know nothing about you
forever with you
lets make believe
God knows I need
crush on you
Do you really want me
I want it
her slender thighs snapping shut
You touched my heart
sacred and pure
fill my shoes
are you ready to go down
really wanna tease you
Bet you never tried it
we all have one true love
I don’t know how
Turn you on
in your body
you’ll have to pay
coming back to me
Touch my body
wanna feel my rain
Make it last forever
heaven on earth
I feel it deep inside
with just one whisper
I’m falling deeper
inside out
Nobody’s perfect
let your heart be the compass
start a fire in me
I should have seen the sign
Night time
hold me
Even when I’m lonely
my heart my soul
My world is complete
I keep giving
in the night
put you in a trance
Graspin’ for air
feel for me
Feeling intoxicated
I go insane
I’m caught in between
I want it now
feel the chemistry
I did it with a smile
feelin’ this way
I can’t help falling in love
It’s exactly what
keep coming back for more
you keep me alive
what it feels like
To feel and give
Say a prayer
I’d rather be
It’s so erotic
in my times of need
cried ’till morning
Precious one
Does it make you feel good
If I only had one wish
you’ll never know
Something’s not right
need me
the stars in the sky
fasten up your seat belt
means tell me, baby
He’s thinking of me
High heels
light in your eyes
beggin’ for more
Like the touch of a star
across your lips
While I was crying
I want you to be my
Are you surprised
I’ve always longed
The ones that entertain
watch you slither away
safe and sound
my heart is broken easily
I can’t sleep at night
I’m losing control
Closest to me
be a star
on the streets
I must confess
I just can’t wait
I’ll never be the same
I often get nightmares
Follow your dreams
dare me
I cannot stop myself
Boy you got me
You’re watching me
Got my body spinning
I look at you
One little lie
I’ve been here all alone
it’s attractive
I want it more than ever
Command Me
love isn’t rational
Put your head on my shoulder
Reap what you sow
you know baby
Feel the hole inside
I can’t help falling in love
that makes me guilty
you’ve got the best
all I need
with his kisses
What excites you?
Feelss like I am alive
I’m still an exception
father, I have sinned
Losing my mind
Do you taste it
I guess I need you
here comes the master
You don’t need another lover
Take trips around the globe
stuck forever
you sold me
teardrop from my eyes
Couldn’t take it
Teach me how to pray
Without asking
perfectly imperfect
I know you’re going to be upset
Do you like the way I
I’m too young
there’s no one else around
pouty little pussy
Living for love
is getting risky
I’m ready now
Give me all your love
I know you want me
I’m in my bed
love is a sin
Only one that I want around is you
I want
I was a baby on the street
I’m waiting for you
she’s sexually precocious
like a father to me
Inside I was a child
Couldn’t we just love
Can’t bring myself to let you go
I can’t have chains around me
my kindness
visualize me
your heartbeat next to me
Show me where you stand
envisioning you caressing me
I’m just a fool
Dreams are made of this
feeling used
hide my feelings
Triggering your senses
I just discovered
Take me
Take me down
you’re my favorite drug
anywhere you want
I wake up every night
scared to breathe
Just hold me
silence me
I really wanna be with you
touch you
Making love under stars
breakdown and cry
be your girl
I’m going bananas
do you wanna see me down on my knees?
my secret
turn me out
I look good on you
Lovin’ the extreme
The Universe is full of stars
I hold tighter
notice what I’m wearing,
I feel like sinning
my lonely part
center of attention
I want you to show me
I don’t know why
only you can make it better
come from the heart
It’s alright
You touch me
the day that we met
That’s got me feelin’ this way
Why are we strangers
hit it like the lotto
I’m open and ready
Selling out is not my thing
your love is mine
you are on my mind
please don’t touch me
Make Sure I Behave
In the night
They all want a pic
A girl like me
Danger, Danger
Butterflies come
If you feel me
If it starts to hurt
movie stars
living in pain
I was so enraptured
Must be love
come with me
For eternity
I’m ready to go
It keeps me alive
give in
cross the line
I’m guilty
needing this
I promise to try
What a girl is to do
endure for a night
feels like a dream
you put me first
up against the wall
champagne splash
run for your life
You’ve got me
Just like a dream
I will always cherish you
Better and better
break it down
you shake me
Get inside my mind
There’s a spark
I rein you in
weakness of the body
ill always be by your side
Night and day
Now I know you’re mine
tears are in my eyes
All that I have
You are my sanctuary
it’s your turn now
I wanna hold you
I hate how much I love you
I’m prepared to die
they hold the key to your heart and your soul
love never dies
only here to love
whenever we breathe
come on show me
They come with
you’re under my skin
I can’t live without you
I don’t know what you do
Show me how much you mean it
a spell on your soul
give me respect
playin’ in the dark
All I really want
Like a child
I have never felt
sweeter and sweeter
I’m gonna be selfish
meant to be love
just a little taste
Touching my skin
The part of you
I finally breathe
meant to be
thrill me
flashing camera’s
Longing and yearning
What can I do
I’m entangled in you
be a little weak
easy to love
Cross my heart and hope to die
I’m no good without you
spinning round
glimmer of hope
I’ll be someone new
having you here by my side
you got my time
keep loving me
I’m not ready
Imagination’s taking over
it’s not gonna stop
I’m prepared to die
Watching every inch of my body
keep me wanting more
true love never ends
no love allowed
Show me how
it’s physical
I’m a fool in so many ways
all my dreams
The night is still young
reluctantly agree
make it look good
I can’t deny
As long as you want
I’m lost with you
Watching over me
Grab my waist
Underneath the stars
inside of me
take me there
The dancer
would you be pleased
Tell me
fall into you
I cannot hide
you don’t remember
you truly care for me
Tears, in me
try to touch you
you’ll always be my hero
I’ll teach you how
Make my body
I’m so high
Lets pretend
let you go
cross the line
I can’t stop thinking bout you
showing me you love me baby
like a little model
I’m dying for you
put its spell on me
I don’t feel wrong
I die for you
I cry for you
Can’t remember
your love is mine
cannot hold it
sweet summertime
Since I Kissed You
Make me feel every word
lost without your love
I’m the type to cry
I know you wanna touch
Hard to say
Pouring down like rain
pull on me
I need my privacy
making me cry
A message from heaven
let yourself go
Keep the secret
spark ignites
break me
satisfy all my need
reaching for you
You’re the reason I need
all that I need
love hurts
I can’t hide my need
share your secrets
if it takes the rest of my life
please tell me yes
you needed me
I’m addicted to you
Wash my hands
Comfort you through all the pain
a child without a home’
fall down on my knees
I’ll give you love
I can’t sleep
Just give in
I hope you understand
you’re proving it
We began to touch
It’s like a drug
please don’t
Take a breath
I’m in love with you
I like it
I don’t know where I stand
What can I do?
I shouldn’t have to ask
Try to pretend
I found myself
I’ve been yearning for
you want it
I always longed for
color of my hair
How can I
I can make you feel better
it’s all messed up
You’re the answer
Don’t know where I’m goin
I did everything you wanted me to
you like to be in charge
I don’t deserve you
I want you so bad
love you for as long as I live
Longing and yearning
rescue me
Thinking of you
A petal is torn
Show me how much you mean it
I lose my
Show me what you feel
The ones that drive you crazy
you’ve got me hypnotized
open up your eyes
Spin me
Got me fiendin’
You like it
You taught me how